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About Our Company

Wavefront Electroacoustic Technology was established in 2011 in Ontario, Canada. Early in 2012 we relocated to Dayton, Ohio, USA.
We are a professional audio equipment company developing sound reinforcement loudspeakers, musical instrument loudspeakers, and associated electronics of high quality, built to last, repairable for years to come, and reasonably priced.

Our Core Values:

  • We build our speakers and electronics by hand, using the same attention to detail and craftsmanship that we would use if we were building the equipment for our own use. We focus on quality and performance rather than low manufacturing costs and high profits. This may mean a slightly higher price tag, but we believe it's worth it, and it will be cheaper in the long run.
  • We combine proven loudspeaker engineering techniques with high quality components and materials, and then test and refine each design until we have created loudspeakers and electronics of superb quality and performance. We deliver these outstanding products while keeping prices reasonable and fair.
  • We don't believe in planned obsolescence or selling unrepairable, "throwaway" equipment. Each one of our products is designed to perform for a lifetime, be repaired if necessary, and will be supported for years to come.
  • We don't make unmeasurable or unrepeatable product performance claims.
  • We believe in maintaining a small, select product line that can easily be customized to meet a customer's unique requirements or tastes.
  • We do not have fixed product release cycles. New products are released when they are ready to perform flawlessly in the field.
  • We believe in and support Green initiatives, and incorporate Green practices whenever possible in our business operations.
  • We support the local economy by purchasing from local suppliers and businesses whenever possible.
  • We believe that our design and marketing philosophy results in the best possible product value for our customers.

We want to hear from you!

We don't want to sit in the office or lab all day thinking about what kinds of pro audio products you want or need - we want you to tell us!
Sure, we guide our product's development by researching the market. We network with musicians and sound professionals, and also draw upon knowledge and experience gained from over 25 years of involvement in professional audio. We want to develop great, cost effective pro audio equipment. The real secret to developing great products that people can use is gathering input and feedback from you, our customers, future and present. Customers may not be able to tell us exactly what product to build, but they often have particular problems that they would like to have solved. Truly great products address these problems and solve them for the customer. Tell us your problems!