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W-122b - Dual 12" 300 watt bass guitar speaker

W-1296p - Two-way compact PA loudspeaker


Products in active development and concepts awaiting development

  • A three-way loudspeaker for small to medium sized PA applications. This system will use a 15" woofer, and a 40X90 or 60X90 degree constant directivity high frequency horn. It can be stand mounted, placed on a floor, flown/arrayed, or stacked on top of subwoofers. A passive crossover will come standard, as will bi-amp or tri-amp connectivity. The target sensitivity is 98-100 dB @ 1w/1m, the frequency response goal is 50 Hz - 17 kHz +/- 3 dB on axis, and the power handling will be at least 350 watts RMS
  • Stage monitors, in 2-way 12" and 2-way 15" versions
  • A Double 15" subwoofer for the above 12 and 15" PA speakers, to extend the overall system frequency response down into the 45 Hz range when operated in a small to medium sized room. Sensitivity should be around 98 - 102 dB @ 1w/1m, power handling 450 - 900 watts RMS
  • A modular bass guitar speaker system consisting of a double 10" and a single 15" cabinet
  • A bass guitar preamplifier
  • A high power (~ 200 watts) vacuum tube bass guitar amplifier
  • A very high power (~ 500 watts) mosfet power amplifier

These products are not in any order of development or intended release date. If you believe more development focus should be placed on a particular product listed, or if you think that we should be developing something that's not already listed in our Roadmap, let us know, we'd like to hear about it!

Standard Equipment

Our speaker cabinets feature Neutrik Speakon input connectors, Baltic birch plywood construction, and drivers and horns made in the Americas, Japan, or Europe. They are finished in environmentally safe black Duratex. All of our electronic equipment is designed and built by hand in the USA and features Bourns, PEC or Alps potentiometers, Neutrik connectors, and C&K or Switchcraft switches. Printed circuit boards are fiberglass FR-4 boards with gold plated traces and are manufactured in the USA. All products carry a two year limited warranty.

Where to purchase

We are still establishing our full product line and have not put a dealer network in place yet. Currently we are selling direct to the customer. Please visit the Contact page to make sales and all other enquiries. Dealer enquiries are always welcome.

Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice, but will always reflect our core values.