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W-122b - Dual 12" 300 watt bass guitar speaker

W-1296p - Two-way compact PA loudspeaker

Standard Equipment

Our speaker cabinets feature Neutrik Speakon input connectors, Baltic birch plywood construction, and drivers and horns made in the Americas, Japan, or Europe. They are finished in environmentally safe black Duratex. All of our electronic equipment is designed and built by hand in the USA and features Bourns, PEC or Alps potentiometers, Neutrik connectors, and C&K or Switchcraft switches. Printed circuit boards are fiberglass FR-4 boards with gold plated traces and are manufactured in the USA. All products carry a two year limited warranty.


Our product line is intentionally small, as this is a well saturated market! However, we have several ongoing projects in various stages of development, and there's lots of prototyping, testing, and evaluation to do. And of course, not every project actually turns into a product.

Where to purchase

We sell direct to you! Please use the contact page for more details about purchasing.

Our product specifications are subject to change without prior notice, but will always reflect our core values.