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Product Customization Program

Our loudspeakers and electronics are built in small quantities, so special requirements or preferences can usually be accommodated right in the build process. For example, our standard finish is black Duratex, but we can apply other finishes instead such as carpet, paint, polyurethane over wood stain, or Tolex. We can build cabinets with fly points, cloth instead of perforated steel grilles, or even design custom speaker cabinets for your own favorite drivers.

Equipment Repair:

Our Service Department offers fast, reliable in-house repair and reconditioning service for your pro audio electronic equipment or vintage guitar, bass, or keyboard amplifier at very affordable rates. We repair tube and solid state amplifiers, microphones, mixers, effects, processors, cables, loudspeakers of course, and more. We also repair, modify and re-wire the electronics in your guitar or bass. Contact us for more information about how to get your equipment repaired.
Please note that there is some equipment we will not work on, and we work only on professional audio equipment and instruments.

Cabinet refinishing, repairs and modifications

We will recover or refinish your speaker, amp, or wooden rack cabinet to your specifications in Duratex, carpet, paint or Tolex. We replace damaged or missing cabinet corners, feet, and handles. We also provide replacement and upgrade speakers for vintage guitar and bass amps. If the wooden cabinet is damaged and can be repaired, we can repair it. We also replace grille cloth and can repair or rebuild grille frames.
Contact us today for a quote and we can discuss your needs or help plan your modification.

Driver Reconing

We can replace the diaphragm and voice coil assemblies in most cast frame speakers and compression drivers. Normally, it isn't possible to re-cone stamped frame units, but torn or cracked surrounds and dust caps can usually be replaced at a much lower cost than buying a new speaker. Contact us to discuss your project; some units are not repairable, and cone kits or diaphragms may not be available for older units. Also, please understand that we work on professional-grade woofers and drivers that were designed to be serviced, and we do not service any consumer electronic equipment.

Warranty Service

All equipment manufactured by Wavefront Electroacoustic Technology carries a two year warranty. Should your Wavefront equipment develop a problem during its warranty period, contact us right away. If the unit needs to be repaired or replaced we will issue an RMA number. Once the RMA is issued, we arrange and pay for shipping (in the continental US only at this time). Do not ship anything to us without an RMA number!